Get your green on!

By Ninja are feeling a bit green, and not just from all our flips and kick-butt ninja moves.

Over the last fortnight we have had World Environment Day AND World Ocean Day, so it really has us thinking about how we can limit yours and our environmental design footprint. Check out our best tips to go green:


  1. Go digitalIn the digital age, it’s worth considering whether you actually need hard copies or whether you can get the same results by just using a digital platform. It’s not only friendlier on the earth to be digital, it also can be better for your bottom line.

  2. Printers know bestIf you do need hard copies, by working closely with the printers we can help you determine the most efficient sizes and page counts to reduce waste. Saving trees and your wallet.

  3. Guilt-free gorgeous stockWe are suckers for uncoated stocks. Uncoated stock not only looks warm and divine, it requires less processing and can be easily recycled.

  4. Sustainable and recycledStunning sustainable and recycled paper is readily available at most printers, meaning you don’t have to compromise your brand for the environment.  


With these tips you can show your commitment to limiting your environmental footprint, while still having an eye catching design that will make your competitors green with envy!