Custom packaging design

Invite your customers to unpack a new experience

Create impactful interactions

To create impactful packaging, we must first understand the emotional goal—what do you want your customers to feel, and what action do you want that feeling to inspire?

We are By Ninja, a packaging design agency based in sunny Brisbane, Queensland. We design interactive packaging experiences that wow customers and inspire action.

Did you know that customers now value their interaction with a brand as much as they do the quality of the product they’re buying? We help solopreneurs, socialpreneurs, serialpreneurs, greenpreneurs, and all the other preneurs, e-commerce, retailers and SMEs create thoughtful packaging experiences that build strong, emotional connections with their customers. We start with your goal—how you want your customer to feel. We put ourselves in their shoes and we imagine. From primary and secondary product packaging and custom packaging design for kits, to unboxing experiences that inspire action, we can help you construct customer-centred experiences that create impact, grow advocacy and increase revenue.

But, the proof for this creative paper and packaging design agency is in the pudding.

  • With creative packaging solutions and an award-winning unboxing experience, we helped LUXE Botanics exceed their annual retailer goals by 12%.
  • landing custompackaging main02
    We helped Goodness Gracious Cafe drive sales.
  • landing custompackaging main03
    We helped LUXE Botanics reflect their green values.

Things we do

  • Custom packaging innovation

    Custom packaging design & innovation

  • Primary packaging

    Primary packaging design & sourcing

  • Secondary packaging

    Secondary packaging design

  • Unboxing experience

    Unboxing design experience

Our Works

  • GGC takeaway packaging
  • Umu Kitchen stickers
  • LUXE primary packaging
  • LUXE Secondary packaging
  • LUXE Camu Kit

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We’re not landlocked or bound by the sea, we work everywhere, internationally.

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