BTS of a mobile billboard

What goes into the making of a billboard

BTS of a mobile billboard

A mammoth billboard like this one needs an equally enormous amount of design work behind it. I thought I would give you a little insight into how I and my team at By Ninja get it done!

Firstly, I meet with you and spend time getting to know your business, goals, vision, values, point of difference and audience. Basically, I ask you a truckload of questions and take ton of notes, to really understand your business and your vision. 

Once this is done, I liaise directly with the company producing and installing the billboard to ensure I clearly understand their processes and identify any design limitations and file requirements. 

The next step is to start work with the team here, normally Sally or Frankie and sometimes, if I am lucky, both! We bounce ideas around, starting with key words and phrases, generating mind maps in this process. During this time we will strike gold and generate a visual concept. 

Then we take the concept to you. We get feedback and then we continue to collaborate on tweaks until it is bang-on perfect and you love it.

I then give it to someone who hasn’t worked on the artwork to look over with fresh eyes to proof and pre-press the artwork. I proceed to give it a final look-over, and supply production ready artwork to the printer/manufacturer, as well as a low-resolution version to you for reference.

The printer/manufacturer will then review artwork and send us proofs, which I will typically review with you for things of this scale.

Once we approve it, it goes into production and is installed on site. I normally try to be there for installation so I can see it come together and celebrate with you!

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P.S. You can check out the billboard in all its gigantic glory here.

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