Why being green is ALL OUR responsibility

Because there’s no Plan B

Why being green is ALL OUR responsibility

A delightful pig-loving frog once informed us: It’s not easy being green. But, as I’m sure Kermit would attest, in this day and age, his advice is quite dated. In fact, whether you’re an individual or an organisation, it’s certainly simpler than ever to limit your environmental impact. So here are three compelling reasons for your business to make the sustainable switch. 


REASON 1: Consumers Want Green

Consumers everywhere are becoming more conscious about their environmental impact and this includes your own customers. “Green” is a huge marketing point, a big feel good factor, especially for the generation raised on Captain Planet and Fern Gully propaganda. But it’s also not enough to plaster “GREEN” to your business, with no follow through. Consumers are rightly concerned about the state of the planet, and are more savvy than ever. So if you’re going to claim “GREEN” it’s best you take real steps, lest you be discovered for spreading “Fake News”. But if you do make a real commitment to going green, it could certainly be the point that gives you an edge over your less-green competition. 


REASON 2: It’s Simple and Can Be Cost Effective 

As we stated earlier, there’s almost no reason not to go green, it is just that easy.  Not only that, it can actually save your business money. Here are some super simple and sometimes cost effective ways to take your business to the green level: 

Go digital

The digital age is here, so it’s worth considering whether you actually need hard copies or whether you can get the same results by just using a digital platform. It’s not only friendlier on the earth, it also can be better for your bottom line.

Use recycled stock and environmental inks

If going entirely digital isn’t possible, consider using uncoated stock, environmentally friendly ink and sustainable and recyclable paper. Uncoated stock not only looks warm and inviting, it requires less processing and can be easily recycled. Stunning sustainable and recycled paper and environmentally friendly ink are also readily available at most printers, meaning you don’t have to compromise your brand look for the environment. 

Ditch the plastic

Ditch the plastic water bottles and cups and encourage staff to bring their own reusable water bottles or to use readily available glasses you supply for staff. Also make sure you have recycling bins and educate your staff on how to use them. Saves dollars and the earth. 

Turn up the heat 

Rethink your air conditioning temperature. Did you know that by setting your temperature to 25 degrees Celsius in summer as opposed to the typical 22 degrees you can reduce your office’s power consumption by almost 20%? There’s also some evidence that people perform their work better at a warmer temperature of 25 degrees, not to mention it saves all of us ladies from bringing in our cardigans and space heaters all year ‘round! More efficient workers and saving money on your power bill - a total win/win.

Lighten up 

Switch your lights to LED. Not only do LEDs last around 20 years (no more “how many designers does it take to change a lightbulb” jokes), they use less energy and have a purer light. Bright and easy. 

Stay at home

No we’re not saying chuck a sickie! We mean consider the benefits of remote workers. They’re not taking up valuable (and expensive) office space nor are they having to travel into work, meaning they’re contributing to less Co2 emissions. At By Ninja most of our team work remotely from home. In this digital age, it is more than possible. 


By going green, you can literally save your own green (money… we mean money…) 


REASON 3: You live here too 

If the above two reasons can’t convince you to make the sustainable switch, we aren’t sure what can. But darn it, we’re not giving up on you just yet!  So here it goes: you live here, your children (whether they be fur babies or the less hairy human babies) live here and one day your grandkids/grandfurries might too. Organisations are created by people, kept afloat by people to serve people. Without a world, organisations wouldn’t be here, so shouldn’t we be working to make ours the healthiest it can be. Because there’s no Plan B (unless Elon Musk learns how to terraform Mars and frankly that guy has enough pressure on him). But organisations should be working for people, and that means making sure they have a world to live in. Lead the charge, go green. 


We hope that these reasons will help you to take the first step towards making your business a greener place. If you’re already doing these things - you go Glen Coco!

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