Why should you invest in a professional photographer?

Why you can’t skimp on photography

Why should you invest in a professional photographer?

Are you sure you want to use that stock photo, again?
Why you can’t skimp on photography for your business.


His name is “Dave”. He’s got a beard. And you’ve probably seen him a few times. Always in the same clothes. Always the same pose. Holding a coffee cup, smiling and laughing with his colleagues. He looks very familiar, but yet….you can’t quite put a finger on where you’ve seen him before.

Dave is from a stock photography website. And hundreds, or even thousands of people have used his image for their website, social media, advertising and digital content.

When using imagery for your business, it’s worth investing in good quality, original photography and not using another Dave photo (no offense buddy). Here is why.


People will google you (and make a decision based on what they see)

What do you do when you’re looking for a new café or restaurant? You google them. And you’ll most likely make a decision, based on how enticing the images are.

So, why should it be different for your business? First impressions matter. Your imagery needs to capture their attention from the get-go.

It’s a bit like a dating app. You swipe one way or another depending on your first impression of someone. It might seem harsh, but potential customers or clients will quickly dismiss your business if they don’t like what they see.


People can spot the Daves

Using a stock photo for your website or social media may seem like a cost-effective and time-savvy way to promote your business. And sometimes it can work. But be careful about what type of images you use, and their quality. People will be able to pick a Dave photo a mile away.

Good quality photography of your product/service and people can help establish brand confidence and trust, so it’s important to choose photos that are genuine and not staged (as many stock photos tend to be).

*Hot tip: photos of landscapes and nature tend to be more forgiving than those of groups of people in a café or that stereotypical, American board room or that teamwork shot (you know the one we’re talking about).


Imagery is a bigger part of the narrative than you think

You’ll hear us, and other Brisbane creative agencies talk about how imagery is part of the brand narrative.

A picture is worth a thousand words right? So make sure your pictures are telling the right story by selecting ones that reflect who you are, who your customers are (or what kind of customers you want to attract), your values and your unique point of difference.


Seconds count

Finally, remember that you only have a few seconds, a minute at most to grab someone’s attention with your imagery. When landing on your website, you want viewers to click through to the important elements or take action and contact you. When scrolling through your social media, you want them to feel a connection to your business and interact with your content in a meaningful way.

You have moments to make this happen. Will a Dave photo cut it? Probably not.


Need help?

The key to getting your photography right is understanding your audience, your ‘why’ and what makes you unique. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the business of doing business!

Never fear. By Ninja is here! We’re a Brisbane creative agency that takes the time to get to know your business, and your customer - we take you through what we call a Brand Discovery Journey - and then work with you to create impactful branding and imagery that you can use across your website, social media and marketing collateral.

Check out some of the branding and photography we’ve curated for LUXE Botanics and Goodness Gracious Café.

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