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What’s in a name? When it comes to Business 2 Assets, everything. John Bailey founded Business 2 Assets to help successful business owners optimise and grow their business, transforming it from a job into a valuable asset.

Many small to medium business owners don’t make what they’re worth, even when they’re busy. Business 2 Assets helps these SMEs—or as he calls them, hearts of their communities— understand their market, who their best customer is, and at a transactional level, where they make and lose money. This acumen helps boost margin and profitability in the business, allowing owners to go from paying themselves last, to paying themselves first.

Our mission was to develop Business 2 Assets’ brand—outline their why, what, who, how, and their identity and their messaging—one representative of the transformational journey John guides business owners through, as they lift them and empower them to do better. We achieved this through thoughtful strategy, dynamic identity, business cards, consultative digital storytelling and content strategy, which incorporated sourcing and finessing iconography, imagery and videography.

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