Branding for Desert Island Essentials

Brand identity & packaging design

Branded on a desert island?

Desert Island Essentials was founded by Kate, a woman with a mission to inspire better consumer choices. She strives to help women reduce their impact on the Earth, leaving it in a better state than we found it so future generations can enjoy it too. Her belly and body oil is a beauty alternative that helps Australian mothers care for themselves, whilst simultaneously caring for Mother Earth. Kate wants to build her business and products right, with a holistic end-to-end ethical approach – from where and how the ingredients are grown through to what happens at the end of the product’s life.

Great brand design maybe isn’t in the top three essentials you’d take to a desert island (ours is coffee, our laptop and a strong wifi signal). However, it is an essential to any business. Our mission was to establish Desert Island Essentials as a catalyst for action, a trigger that inspires women to put the planet first.

We achieved this through thoughtful collaboration, generating a carefully curated brand design, strong identity and strategy that expands across a customised packaging and an unboxing experience you’d want to take with you anywhere (yes, even to a desert island).

Desert Island Essentials

Ethical branding
Custom packaging design
Unboxing experience

Our role
Creative direction
Graphic design
Paper engineering
Unboxing experience design

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