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Education is a key factor in long-term success and escaping poverty, but despite this, for many complex reasons, some students still lose interest, withdraw and ultimately find themselves out of school before they’re ready to be. Believing that every student matters, The Department of Education (DoE) was concerned for this minority of students and commissioned a report to find a solution to this issue. The Metropolitan Region Report was created to showcase the remarkable and complex stories of these struggling, withdrawing students and to provide important answers as to how our schools can support these children to succeed against all odds.

Due to the vast size and complex nature of government reports like these, important information can be shelved and lost if it's not carefully curated in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing and clearly highlights the most important take-away facts. That’s where our expert design agency was able to assist. Through the clever use of visual metaphors, subtle textures in the stock and an emotion evoking elected pallet, we were able to create a report that conveyed and highlighted the important messages. We were also a bit cheeky and took DoE literally when they said they wanted a report that “can’t just be shelved”, designing it just a smidge too big to fit upright into your standard size bookshelf.

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The report was successful in significantly raising awareness of the challenges facing these children, and helped source political support for extended trials in schools.

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