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The Department of Education (DoE) School Improvement Unit (SIU) knows that every stage of education is important. From early childcare through to higher education, vocational education and training and international education and training, they are responsible for creating the national policies and programs that help ensure Australians are able to access affordable, quality education. 

Like a typical government body, the DoE is required to compile data and report on their annual progress. Unfortunately, due to the thorough and complex nature of these types of reports, they don’t generally make for a page turning read. So for their 2015-16 annual report, SIU decided to add a bit of flare by requesting our help.

Through our collaboration with printing specialists, we were able to skillfully use infographics, clever cutouts, thumb tabs and a handsome hardcover to help the SIU turn a not-so-exciting report into one that was a clear, user-friendly, engaging and interactive printed masterpiece. We also helped broaden the accessibility of the report to high profile persons by introducing a video brochure platform version.

The pudding

The SIU reported a notable increase in readership, as well as positive readership feedback.

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2015-16 SIU annual report
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