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Custom watch product packaging design

Fly packaging, plane and simple

Bausele is a Sydney based watch brand that was established in 2011 by Founder, Christophe Hoppe. Christophe’s passion for Australia and extensive background in the Swiss watch industry is the cornerstone of this business. Christophe’s meticulous design sensibility and knowledge of, and access to, state-of-the art Swiss technology is why Bausele was hand picked from a list of globally recognised brands to create the official watch to mark the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) centenary in 2021.

Our goal was to create a custom product packaging design in parallel with Bausele’s design approach, for the two limited edition watches. With only 500 of each watch available, we knew the packaging design had to measure up to Bausele’s prestige. Our aim was to design an experience that embodied the design story of the watches, wowed recipients, and transported them to a moment in time. We achieved product packaging design that not only delivers an unboxing experience worthy of these watches, but one that makes a difference — it’s 100% recyclable and produced using sustainably sourced paper by a local, majority family-owned printer in Australia.

Custom packaging that will make an impact then, now and always.

Bausele & RAAF

Custom packaging design
Unboxing experience

Our role
Creative direction
Graphic design
Paper engineering
Unboxing experience design
Production management

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