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The original flipper book was first created in 2013 for Australia’s engineering and consulting firm, QinetiQ, and was the catalyst for By Ninja’s obsession with all things paper.

When QinetiQ decided to relaunch their mission, vision and values, they wanted a fun and engaging way to communicate them to their employees. With the drive to create something impactful and quite frankly worthy of being kept, our Creative Overlord set to work.

She was determined to create something that would be picked up time-and-time again and not simply skimmed through, folded over and shoved into the ever increasing mountain of paperwork hidden in dark drawers. From this the flipper book was forged. Using an auto-page turn function and some other super secret design techniques, we think it’s safe to say this book creates an enjoyable experience for all who pick it up.

Speaking of which, although this was originally intended for internal use only, QinetiQ found that anyone visiting the office couldn’t help but grab and flip, making it a valuable asset which found its way into the hands of many prospective clients.

The pudding

Through our paper folding powers we achieved gold at the QLD PICAs in 2017 and silver at the following National Print Awards. Though we cannot name names, we are also proud to say that this design caught the eye of a top dog who was so impressed they reached out to QinetiQ directly. You’ll just have to take our word for it, but, is it really that hard to believe with a design this good? We’ll let you decide.


Please note: this work was completed by our Creative Overlord, during her tenure with QinetiQ.

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