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R.I.P. boring business cards

Welcome to the Fold, a creative agency unlike one you’ve ever encountered before, craved a business card, unlike anything you’ve ever encountered before. With a keen eye for minimalist design, the agency's Fat Controller (he gave that title to himself) wanted a no-frills approach... until he changed his mind that is.

WTTF’s business card truly welcomes its recipients to the fold. We developed the zip-strip, roll-fold business card – an approach much simpler than its name suggests – resulting in a unique and interactive solution that engages the holder from the get go. To see what’s inside, they have to tear it open and unfold the internal panels.

We may be biased but we think that’s a pretty unique way to utilise your brand identity and make sure your business card is not easily forgotten.

The pudding

To no surprise, it turned out their clients loved having something to rip into. WTTF has won several gigs thanks to this business card which may make you wonder WTTF am I doing here with a standard (aka boring) business card in my wallet? And just in case you missed it, the Fold Factory recognised this card as their fold of the week, which had us pretty chuffed.

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