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Born in 2012 from a love of all things love-related, Brisbane based Florido Weddings capture all the ooey gooey moments that weddings have to offer. The local team is driven by a shared philosophy to make the experience with them, a personalised one.

In fact, they’re so dedicated to this personalised experience that they actively check in with their brides and grooms from their initial booking, leading up to their special day, to get to know them, what’s important to them, and how they can best capture their day for them. They were doing all this manually, with paper based forms, self-managed calendar entries and reminders, and a series of face-to-face meetings. While we’re all for face-to-face time, the process was a lot for Florido to manage and fostered some serious risks.

Our mission was to make everyone’s life easy, while embodying Florido’s philosophy. We established a strategy, crafted Florido’s brand voice and tone, and built a solution that transformed their paper-based forms into a hyper-personalised, automated digital series that not only made Florido’s life easy, but also improved the overall experience for their customers. We combined the front-end magic of Typeform, with some clever little formulas to build a system that can personalise itself to the customer, capture and compile customer responses into branded templates, generate personalised URLs for follow-up automations, and email the people it needs to, when it needs to.

The pudding

We helped Florido Weddings improve their customer experience and advocacy, while simultaneously reducing their customer management and admin time by 20%—they get back more than 1-day per month to spend doing what they do best.

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