Luxe Botanics

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Ethical evolution

Luxe Botanics is the perfect balance of science and nature. The brainchild of South African born biotechnologist, Jené Roestorf, this revolutionary brand was developed to address the deficit in the available skincare market for a sustainable, scientifically researched, botanical-based skincare range.

Inspired by her African roots, Jené’s combined her comprehension of nature’s healing abilities, scientific proficiency and passion for socially conscious innovation to develop a definitively mindful skincare range.

Our mission was to relaunch their image in a way that relayed their philosophy and product clearly to their desired market. We achieved this through a bit of thoughtful curation and creative copy, assisting Jené and the Luxe Botanics team to share their story, their vision, and their brand with the world.

Luxe Botanics

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