QinetiQ Australia

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Development of a brand

With long established UK origins, QinetiQ was a relatively new face to the Australian defence and government services industry back in 2012, so they were pretty keen to get themselves noticed for the right reasons.

We helped them break the stagnant trend of snore-worthy marketing that dominated their industry, by finding their truth – it was their people. With them, we co-developed original advertising campaigns, digital campaigns, and brochure suites that showcased their people doing what they do best; posing in front of some super enormous and epically cool props (ok, maybe they’re also really good at engineering and consulting too).

Within less than a year, QinetiQ’s brand had grown to be recognised, and respected within their marketplace, and was actively sought out by some super powerful people that can’t be named.


Please note: this work was completed by our Creative Overlord, during her tenure with QinetiQ.

QinetiQ Australia

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