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For as long as schools have schooled, there’s always been a small group of students who, for a range of often complex reasons, lose interest, withdraw and, one way or another, find themselves out of school before they’re ready.


Every student counts to the Department of Education (DoE), and that’s why they really looked at the problem, and found and trialed a successful solution. The Metropolitan Region report was commissioned to get the people who can affect mass change to really see the remarkable stories of these children, that don’t fit into society’s normal ‘box’, but can stay and succeed when they have the support to do so.

Every element of the report was carefully curated to truly showcase the size of the problem, and the uniqueness of these children: the size of the physical report is much larger than that of standard reports, so much like the issue, it can’t be shelved; visual metaphors provide contrasting emphasis of the capability of these children to persevere despite society’s standards; the subtle textures of the stocks connect the visual and physical design, and emanate a fragility; right through to the elected palette which in itself evokes subtle emotional responses to the topic at hand.

We really are genuinely proud of this project, and what we achieved with the Metro taskforce.

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Metropolitan Region report

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