Goodness Gracious Cafe


When’s a voucher delicious?

When it looks this good! Also when it’s a voucher for a scrumptiou-licious foodie haunt called Goodness Gracious Cafe. Ok, it’s mostly the second one (drool).

Goodness Gracious Café first opened their doors in September 2014, with a mission to serve the highest quality food, prepared with fresh, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients – and let us tell you it’s scrumptious!

So naturally, they have quite a few regulars, and a significant demand for gift vouchers. But, not being just any old cafe, no ordinary voucher was going to do. So, we got to know the owner, Olivia (over many mouthfuls of food ... and gulps of coffee), her customers, and her team of talented baristas, chefs, and wait staff. We delicately placed everything we learned into a big pot and cooked up a drool-worthy gift voucher that is synonymous with their wholesome and sustainable approach to produce, and that people would want as a keepsake.

Trust us. They’re flying out the door like a freshly baked, GF, DF, SF muffin!

Goodness Gracious Cafe

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