Fantastic without plastic

Being wrapped in plastic is NOT fantastic

Fantastic without plastic

Despite what the late 90’s pop sensation Aqua tried to tell us, being wrapped in plastic is NOT fantastic. 

That’s why in celebration of the Plastic Free July campaign, we’re celebrating what our legendary clients are doing to reduce their use of plastics. Find out what they’re doing differently:  


LUXE Botanics

LUXE has a focus on full-cycle sustainability. This essentially means that at every step in the creation of their transformational skin care, they’re limiting their environmental footprint while working to uplift less fortunate communities throughout the world. They limit their use of plastics by predominantly using aluminium and glass for their product packaging, ensuring the small amount of plastics that they use are white and clear so are easily recyclable. If that’s not enough, they provide detailed instructions on how to recycle on their website, and promote the recycling cause with their generous recycling initiative. LUXE puts the care in skin care.  


Goodness Gracious Cafe 

As Kermit the frog declared “it ain’t easy being green” but Goodness Gracious Cafe make it look that simple!

This delicious cafe is leading the pack when it comes to being a green example, with limiting their use of plastics being just the tip of the iceberg. This trendy joint composts, recycles (not many cafes do this), uses biocups, promotes reusable cups, uses plastic free straws, sources produce from a plastic free produce supplier (Providore Princess). By Ninja also helped them source recycled and sustainably sourced paper for their cards (printed using soy based inks) and menus. They’re not just good at being green and reducing their plastics, they’re great at it.  


UMU Kitchen

This Tarragindi treasure is also working hard to limit their environmental impact. This tasty Tongan-fushion cafe grow and produce some of their own ingredients on site, and what they don't, they source from a plastic free produce supplier (Providore Princess). They even asked By Ninja to source recycled paper for their beautiful business and coffee cards.


By Ninja

We Ninjas don’t only work for amazing businesses that work hard to limit their environmental impact and use of plastics, we’re doing it ourselves. In addition to encouraging our clients to think greener we’re working on the grass roots level to lessen our impact. For example our Creative Overlord composts, recycles, has her own backyard worm farm and is working towards an entirely waste free lifestyle. When forced to use bags (e.g. picking up after her furry companions) she ensures she uses compostable solutions and avoids plastic. Even the leftover coffee grounds from her deeply troubling coffee addiction at least get composted into the soil. 



It’s a bit of work to say farewell to plastic, but the results are a cleaner, greener world for everyone.


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