Getting on Brand | Part IV

Applying your new found brand design knowledge

Getting on Brand | Part IV

Congratulations, you’ve made it! Our fourth and final instalment of our riveting Branding series. By now you’re aware that you need a brand and a strategy, that you must focus on your brand’s heart and that your brand identity is everything. Which should just about cover everything you need to know, right? 

Yes… and no... it’s complicated. The last three parts have told you what you need and why you need it. Now we want to show you (our favourite readers) how to practically apply all this new knowledge you’ve been storing in your noggin. 

See, knowing how to survive in the jungle theoretically is a lot different to throwing yourself out of a helicopter with nothing but what you’ve got on your back and making Bear Grylls proud. 

Similarly you can know exactly what your business and brand needs but still struggle to know how to execute it. Which is completely understandable, it’s not something you can master overnight. But, as always, your favourite Brisbane brand design team is here to help. So let’s delve right into one of our favourite topics, branding touchpoints.


Everything your employees or customers touch is one of your brand touchpoints, yes that includes everything from word of mouth, professional logo design, and even packaging design all the way through to epic billboards. 

There are many touchpoints, each of which need to be an extension of your brand, as they each directly impact your customers’ perspective of you. These are where your professional brand identity, heart and strategy all come into play and really make (or break) your business. Consistent application and communication of your brand values throughout these touchpoints will ensure a long and prosperous future for your small business — which is when working with a creative design agency really pays off.

Don’t get us wrong, knowing your brand’s touchpoints and how to best use them isn’t a piece of cake (mmmm cake). Especially given the current climate we live in, it seems that new ways to reach customers are appearing out of thin air, daily — with each best practise changing alongside them. 

Still not sure what we’re on about? To really clarify things for you here’s a snapshot of what your branding touchpoints could be; 

  • Advertising
  • Direct Mail 
  • Networking 
  • Speeches
  • Proposals 
  • Signage 

These all may seem like very small, inconsequential things alone, but when combined and when they successfully work together — from your brand design strategy, logo design and graphic design — your brand will be at its best; delivering a consistent image to your current and prospective customers.

Although this can seem daunting we challenge you to look at these touchpoints as possibilities, overflowing with potential for your business. The more touchpoints you have, the more opportunities you gain to connect with consumers. Whoah. We don’t advise you run out and start playing with every touchpoint possible. Like many things, in order for them to be successful, you must put in the necessary attention and time they need.

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Here at By Ninja (the brand design agency near you!) we appreciate and adore all touchpoints equally, knowing no one is better than the other. However, that doesn’t stop us from having favourites (all parents do).  

  • Packaging design: It’s no secret, with our skilled hands and minds, creative packaging design is one of our favourite touchpoints. The packaging of your brand’s product also grants your business a wonderful opportunity to communicate its brand identity and heart with consumers. If you’re a green brand, it’s important your packaging is as enviro-friendly as you are. Or, if you're a warm, personable brand, you're probably going to want to use stocks and textures that create a tactile response that aligns with that. 
  • Social media: Your social platforms are one of the best ways to directly connect with consumers, the language and content you share here should be in line with the rest of your brand design image. If you’re a fun and upbeat brand your content should be too.  Or, if your brand encompasses expertise and professionalism, your social channels should align and communicate this too. Regardless of what channels or content you decide to use, make sure it is an extension of your already established creative brand design. Remember it’s always a good idea to seek advice on this from your local creative agency (we’re in Brisbane but service the whole of Australia, and the world!)
  • Business cards: What may be seen to some as a small piece of card that can be easily forgotten, lost or used for old gum, can be much much more if you treat it as such. Ensuring your business card is one that fits with your brand will make sure you are not easily forgotten. How to turn yours from blah to brilliant you ask? Look no further, we’ve already got you covered right here with our thoughts on business card design.  
  • Websites: It’s likely that the lil search engine on their phone, tablet, or laptop, is the first place your customers gowhen looking for a business, product or offering. Making sure you have a website that shows your customers who you are, what you do and why they should choose your business is the perfect opportunity to snag a new customer, and keep them coming back. Your branding agency can help you with this too (hi!).
  • Blog Posts: Of course our wonderfully informative, gripping and (we believe) invaluable blog posts are greatly appreciated. Heck even a blog post like the one you’re reading right now is a touchpoint (we hope we’re making a good impression). Make sure the blog posts you’re churning out are not only relevant to your business but enjoyable and useful to your readers. 

everything your employees or customers touch is one of your brand touchpoints

Funnily enough, all of our favourite touchpoints are actually ones that help others, like yourself. Have a peruse through our work to see the truth in the pudding. Or get connected with our team of skillful ninjas and see what we can do for you. We like making new, life-long friends! We’re not just a brand design agency in Brisbane, we transcend across borders (unlike travel lately...).

It is with this we must leave you. Well, we’ll still be here serving up more content for you to enjoy, working on projects that excite us and hiding in the shadows ready to strike (like the true ninjas we are). So we guess maybe a better way to put it is, see you in a while... crocodile.

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