Knowing your audience - Part 2

Designing for your audience

Knowing your audience - Part 2


Welcome to Part 2 of our Knowing Your Audience series. So you’ve got a sensational product/service? That’s brilliant! You’ve decided on your target audience? Fantastic! The next step is considering how we design and create a brand that aligns with your consumer’s values and wants. Yes, you heard right: it’s imperative we’re not designing for your brand but designing for the consumers that are interacting and engaging with your brand. 


Designing for your consumers - what does this mean exactly? 

Yes, it’s YOUR business, but you’re not the one buying what you offer. That’s what your customers are doing. This means that they’re the ones that need to connect with your brand, feel inspired and motivated by it. It also means that we need to be designing with them in mind. 


Does this mean my brand won’t reflect me at all?

Absolutely not. At By Ninja we still think it’s very important that you feel pride in and a connection with your brand design. Often this requires us to reconcile your wants with the wants of your audience. Thankfully, in our years of experience, we’ve found that there’s often some alignment between your wants and your audiences due to the values that drove you to start your business in the first place. By focusing on your business values and how they appeal to your audience we’re therefore able to design a “value based brand”(VBB) that appeals to your audience, but also connects deeply to you.


What’s a VBB?

At By Ninja we’re ALL about VBBs... no not VBs (we’re more of a craft beer aficionados ourselves). VBBs are brands that put their values front and centre of their business. In fact VBBs are almost like a living, breathing person — they have personality, are driven by a set of core values, and actively inspire and engage with their customers. 


How does a VBB help my business?

It’s simple — customers today want to engage with businesses that share their values. Understanding your target market’s values as well as shifting cultural norms can help us ensure we’re creating a brand design that’s aligning with your customer base. 



Being brand design experts we see it as our mission to help your business be its best, which means working closely with you to promote your business in a way that will greatly appeal to your desired target market. Our collaborative, partnership approach means we’re obligated to not just tell you just what you want to hear, but to provide proper guidance and honest feedback to ensure that we create a VBB that not only reflects the values of your business, but one that your customers want to see.  

If you’re looking for brand identity design masters that can really help give your brand the boost it needs drop By Ninja a line today. 

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