Tips for skincare branding & skincare branding ideas

Things to consider when branding your skincare

Tips for skincare branding & skincare branding ideas


When you hear ‘face masks’ in 2020 we no longer think of the clay ones applied as step two in our 12 step self care routine. However, this has not taken any popularity away from the skin care industry in 2020, which we can say is truly astronomical. So really, your skin care business deserves the best skin care branding strategy.

With so many consumers interested in self-care, green beauty and ethical skin care branding it’s no surprise that there has been a massive boom in the skin care industry. With so many people constantly on the hunt for the next best product, there is great potential for small businesses creating skin care products. However, with great potential comes a great challenge. With the increase in demand there has only been an increase in supply. The skin care industry is oversaturated with options, from oils, lotions, scrubs and serums… and those funny-looking face masks.

To be successful, your skin care business brand needs to stand out from this enormous and ever growing crowd. The best way to achieve a competitive edge is to have a strong and established skin care branding strategy. When you’re selling a skin care product your packaging design and brand image needs to catch the eye of your ideal customer at first glance. Unless you want them to skim straight past it, which we’re  certain is not the case. 

Skin care branding sounds important right? We’re glad we are on the same page! Let’s dive into what you should consider when branding your skin care business. 


The first step you need to take in building your incredible brand is to create a skin care brand strategy that will set out a guide to your content, packaging design and all graphic design elements. It sounds like a lot, and to be completely honest, that’s because it is. A useful strategy is a well researched and developed one. 

You must establish your brand’s purpose, vision, mission and values. Then you need to conduct thorough research into your customers, competitors, and distribution channels. Once you have gathered this information you can establish a content strategy and then ultimately begin to see the rewards of all your hard work. We dive into a lot more detail about creating your digital strategy here


Names are important. Which has been highlighted oh so recently for every Karen out there. So when it comes to your skin care brand name there is much more to it than checking name availability, domain availability and trademarks in every location you intend to sell. Though you definitely should be looking into that. You need to develop a name that aligns with your skin care brand identity, that will resonate with your audience, that has meaning and depth. It should also be something that’s easy to remember. 

Your name is what people will see or hear first, and it’s what they need to remember to find you. So make sure it is memorable.


Your brand identity includes all key visible elements that work together to either reinforce, or sometimes help reinvent, a brand’s reputation. To simplify that, your brand identity is what you, your customers and your prospective customers can see, for example, graphic design, logos, and packaging design are the most notable elements of your skin care branding. 

 Consumers recognise businesses from their brand identities, and being recognised is extremely important. Nobody likes running into an old friend and discovering they don’t recognise you. Embarrassing for everyone involved (and a little hurtful too). 

Brand identity is not something easily created or even understood. However, if you’re looking for a secret recipe to your brand’s identity, we actually jotted one down for you not too long ago that you can find here, in Part III of our Getting on Brand seriesProfessional logo design also goes a long way towards reinforcing your brand identity. 



Compliance and regulations. It’s particularly important in the skin care industry to make sure all necessary information is included on your branded packaging and at the correct size. You don’t want to be held liable because you preferred a noncompliant design for your skin care branding. 

 Testing. You also need to take into consideration how long your formulation team needs to test your formulas, to make sure they are in tip top shape, and compatible with your brand packaging — you don’t want any bulging, deformed or exploding bottles, or chemical reactions. 

Packaging. Make use of the opportunity your product packaging provides. It’s not just what is on the inside that counts, you can read more about what we mean here


If you’re in the business of skin care you shouldn’t also have to be a branding specialist (leave that to us, an experienced skin care branding agency in Brisbane. So don’t stress, our digital marketing agency for skin care products can help you along the way. We’ve done it before and we will happily do it again and again. Check out our success story with LUXE Botanics hereGet in touch and we can get cracking today!

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