Travel like a ninja

Our tips for working on the move

Travel like a ninja

A ninja’s secret to overcoming a bigger, better opponent is the same approach I apply when I am on the road and tackling a brief! Follow these to guarantee you’re still kicking butt on the go:

  1. Plan, plan and plan some more: While I’m, generally well-organised, when I go away I put extra effort into mapping out my week. I take special care to ensure that I will have access to everything I am going to need for my time away. This includes access to files, notes and even samples, to having suitable clothing (you wouldn’t want to turn up to an event in your flip-flops and denim shorts).

  2. All work and no play makes Kathleen a dull girl – Allocating time effectively: Make sure you mark out clear blocks for when you will be getting work done and just as importantly, time for fun. You didn’t travel to just sit in your hotel room all day. I try to ensure the time I am working isn’t at a time I would be missing out on doing some great exploring. For example when travelling in the heat of summer, I find it is great to get out and have fun in the morning and get back to the blessed air con in the afternoon to knuckle down and get the job done.

  3. Meet your heroes – try to tee up time to meet with people you truly admire: If I am lucky enough to be journeying to an area where someone or a business who’s work I admire resides, I do my best to see if I can tee up a meeting with them. Recently on my trip to Sweden, I was really fortunate to hang out with the team of sensational design business, Bedow. I was able to chat to the founder who was very open about his processes. I learnt a lot about how they do things and why. For example Bedow don't use moodboards because they visually pigeonhole creativity, instead they dig deep to identify a word or slogan that they use as the pinnacle of the creative process.

  4. Read a book, nerd: I am an avid reader, but struggle to prioritise it at home. I find travelling provides me with a great opportunity to start a new book or complete an old one. There's plenty of time you'll find yourself sitting around and in new environments, I find I absorb more from books.

  5. Let everyone know you're on holidays: There’s nothing smugger than a subtle brag about your amazing vacation through an “out-of-office” auto-reply on your email. Kidding! But it is very important that you’re active in letting people know you’re going away PRIOR to heading off. Being organised and actively communicating ensures you’re still able to follow through on any timelines or at least have a plan in place if you can’t be there to see it through. In all seriousness, an out-of-office email message also allows people to understand there will be a slight delay in my response. Communication is everything!

Now you’re ready to get going! My final tip is to try not to holiday for so long you forget all your passwords!

Creative Overlord

P.S. Enjoy a few of my favourite snaps from my trip to Japan, earlier this year.


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