Website wellness element 1: Good content

Your website needs the gift of the gab!

Website wellness element 1: Good content

Never, ever underestimate the power of a standout website. Businesses have a bit of a bad habit of assuming a website is something we just create in the beginning and then forget about. But it really is a vital tool your business should invest in.

That's because if it is working effectively, a website is like having a 24/7 employee working tirelessly for you in the background. And like any good employee, they occasionally need a good checkup to ensure they are operating as they should be.

Let’s consider the first of five elements your website needs to be at peak performance: Good Content.

Your website needs the gift of the gab! It not only has to be capable of speaking to your client on an engaging level, it also has to be able to have a good old yarn to the Google robots. So lets break down these two elements:




Put the WWW in your website

Firstly, it’s important that your content adequately and appropriately explains to your client your WWW - WHO you are WHERE you are and WHAT you do. And you thought that WWW meant the World Wide Web!

Consider your message

Not only has your website got to outline your WWW, it needs to do so in an engaging and informative matter. So you’ve really got to consider the message you want your client to receive about your business.

With this in mind, its vital you make your word count, count. Often less is more. If your client can’t easily find out what they need to know or finds your content snore-worthy, you can bet they won’t stick around.

Content is hierarchical

Continuing on from above, structure and deliver your message in a simple, easy to follow fashion. Make good use of headings and keep the introduction relevant and to the point. Your website should still include the possibly less exciting nitty, gritty information, but that should be accessible through subheadings, bullets points and links.

Spell check, spell check, spell check again!

Always, always, always consider your spelling and grammar. Nothing removes an organisation’s appearance of professionalism as quickly as poor grammar and spelling. If attention to detail isn’t your strength, try reading it aloud, having a friend or peer review it or hire a professional to write it in the first place.



When you make a website, you’re not only speaking to your client, you're also talking to your search engine. Your website content needs to use specific language that speaks to the Google search bots. Even if your website is perfect for your client’s eyes, if it isn’t communicating well with Google, it's possible they will never see it!

Fixing this part is a bit trickier and may require the use of a digital marketing professional. These clever cookies help Google locate you through identifying and using well-researched, relevant language that people often search when looking for the services or goods you have to offer. In some cases, these words can fit perfectly into your website content without overloading it and ruining what you have tried to achieve with the above Part 1. However, in some circumstances they won't. When they can’t, a smart digital marketer will set up multiple landing pages to help people connect to your business and your website. These pages are linked to specific key words that are relevant to what you do, but don’t really jam with your image so you don't want to include them on your website.



So remember, content is KING! If your client can’t find you or figure out what you actually do, your website is not working for you.

Check back in next week when we discuss the second element that will take your website to the next level!


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