Website wellness element 2: Good images

Websites with good images get more clicks

Website wellness element 2: Good images

Welcome to Element 2 of our Website Wellness check up! This week we're diving into the importance of using good, value adding images.

Statistics show that websites which use imagery well get a lot more clicks and interaction than those who don’t or do so poorly. As the old adage goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” so it’s worth considering whether yours are saying the right words about you. Ask yourself:


Is it adding value?

What’s almost worse than no pictures? Too many pointless ones! Ask yourself is this picture adding value? Be honest with yourself, if you’re overusing or wrongly using images that don’t actually add value, have any relevance, or are potentially off-putting to your customers, ditch them. If you don’t trust yourself to be capable of answering these questions ask an honest friend, or hire a professional to review your website.

Is it clear?

Is the picture quality there? With mobile devices allowing the ability to zoom in, it's important that your image DOES NOT become blurry when closely scrutinised. If your image lacks clarity it can certainly impact on how professional your brand looks. So if it’s blurry – ditch it.

If you can’t take a focused, high quality picture, consider obtaining some good, value adding stock images, or get yourself a professional photographer stat!

Worth hiring a professional?

Professional photographers can really take your website imagery to the next level and its really worth considering investing in one. In fact, good quality images even assist with search engine optimisation and may help you win that product-selling click over a competitor website.



Good pictures really have the power to make or break your website, so do take the time to consider what messages your images are sending to your customers about your business.

Stick around for next week when we reveal element 3!

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