Website wellness element 4: Good contact details

Make it easy for customers to find you

Website wellness element 4: Good contact details

Your website design is eye catching and your content and imagery is on point - you’ve got your customer’s attention. Now it’s critical you don’t lose their interest.

Unfortunately, if they don’t know how to get in touch with you, they’ll be out of there faster than a toupee in a cyclone. That’s why this week for Element 4 of our Website Wednesday Wellness Series; we are discussing the importance of available and good contact information.


Keep it simple

It’s vital that your contact details are easy to locate within your website. Even if people like what your website is selling, they won’t be willing to click through a multitude of menus and headings to find your contact information. Don’t be complicated - make it simple for people to contact you by either featuring your details on a dedicated contact page, or even in your header, sidebar or footer. Ideally, your website should have a few differing means of contacting you and for further ease, it’s also worth making your phone number and/or email “clickable”.


Contact forms

Love them or hate them, it’s worth considering a contact form. Having a contact form instead of listing your email can help reduce the amount of spam you’ll receive and keep your site secure. It also means that potential customers don’t have to take that extra step in opening up their email server to contact you, reducing the possibility they will just click away. However, like email, it’s important that you monitor and manage your contact form responses, in a timely, regular manner.


Location, location, location

If you have a physical business address, a map with a pin location is essential. Directions can also be beneficial if your business is tricky to find. If you shift, don’t forget to keep this location up-to-date too.



Remember, you can have the most well thought out website design, but if your customers don’t actually know how to get in touch with you easily, you’ll be losing out on business.

Join us next week for the final element of the Wednesday Website Wellness series.

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