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Florido was born from the sentiment that all the lovey-dovey, ooey gooey moments a wedding provides should not only be captured but immortalised. Founded in 2012 by photographer extraordinaire, Callie Marshall, Florido is made up of a team of talented friends, who are dedicated to providing an above-and-beyond service for those hoping to capture the happiest day of their lives. 

Their philosophy is simple — your wedding is a unique moment dedicated to the two of you and therefore your photography experience should be equally as personal. 

Dedicated to providing this tailored personalised experience, Florido actively checks in with their happy couples throughout their entire nuptial journey, starting from their initial booking to their special day down the aisle. This allows the team to get to know them intimately, ensuring they know what is most important to them and how they can best capture their day.

Prior to getting in touch with our team, Florido was doing everything manually, with paper based forms, self-managed calendar entries and reminders, and a series of face-to-face meetings. This was taxing on the Florido team and also fostered some serious risks of mismanagement (they are human after all).

Florido sought out By Ninja’s assistance for two main reasons. Firstly, they wanted to refresh their brand, in order to realign and elevate themselves in the wedding industry. Secondly, they wanted our help to streamline their service experience, to give them more time to dedicate to the things that matter most: capturing the best moments for the special pair.

Florido Brand Identity 20230316a
Florido Brand Identity 20230316

Our approach

Our mission was two fold: 

Firstly, to make everyone’s life easy, while embodying Florido’s philosophy of having a hands-on, personal approach; and

Secondly, to refresh their brand design, keeping it current and moving forward.  

We kicked off our creative process with a face-to-face meeting with Callie to underpin the elements that made up Florido. It was clear early on that this would be a balancing act; we needed to refresh the brand, making sure that Florido caught up with the digital age but didn’t lose what made it unique — it’s hands-on, people-focused approach.

After speaking with Callie, we conducted thorough research into the wedding industry, and what methods and programs would most suit Florido in streamlining the process, while maintaining a personal touch. From this we established a strategy and started the creative process.

Florido ColourPalette 20230316

It is a balancing act.

Making life more convenient with technology and a digital presence is important, but it needs to be balanced with, and not at the expense of real connections.

The solution

Implementing our strategy, we crafted Florido’s brand voice and tone, creating a new custom logo design, with fully designed type. Our team also updated their colour palette based on wedding industry predictions for the next 10 years, while including a subtle connection to the founder’s love of the Byron Bay landscape of her childhood. The result was a brand that was asymmetrical, edgy but balanced overall.

We also built a solution that transformed their paper-based forms into a hyper-personalised, automated digital series that not only made Florido’s life easy, but also improved the overall experience for their customers. By combining the front-end magic of Typeform, with some clever little formulas we built a system that can personalise itself to the customer, capture and compile customer responses into branded templates, generate personalised URLs for follow-up automations, and email the people it needs to, when it needs to.

Ultimately, with a refreshed brand and a streamlined digital service process, they were able to have the freedom to focus on the elements of their business they were most passionate about.

The results

The rebrand assisted in elevating Florido to a brand image that couples aspire to work with, helping them reach their booking targets. 

We also helped Florido improve their customer experience and advocacy, while simultaneously reducing their customer management and admin time by 20%—they get back more than 1-day per month to spend doing what they do best.

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