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Originally founded over 35 years ago, McKelvey Lawyers was nurtured to great success through an unwavering passion for law and undeniable dedication to the loyal client base they built along the way — their consistent growth and glowing reputation are a credit to the personalised and superior service they provide.

As McKelvey Lawyers began its transition to McKelvey Miller Law and set the wheels in motion towards a new era, a new principal and new goals, we set out to align their visual identity with their vision for the future. 

We were invited to collaborate with the team, to breathe fresh life into their brand identity while honouring their long-standing history and respected legacy. 

We set out to create a fresh, warm, inviting presence, capable of showcasing their longevity, high-level expertise and maturity – with the perfect sprinkle of quirk and character throughout.

Our approach

The McKelvey Miller Law service is underpinned by a deep understanding of people and law and offering genuine empathy and care to their clients while navigating the legal matters they’re faced with. 

McKelvey Miller Law value long-term relationships with their clients — they set out to be the legal counsel of choice for the long haul and to grow alongside their loyal clientele — this starts from purchasing their first homes to holding their hands in business matters, right through to taking care of their wills and estates.

Our creative process began by understanding each of McKelvey Miller Law’s ideal customers, each very different, and how we could form a creative direction that would position them in resonance with both ends of the spectrum — their mature, established 50+ year clientele, and younger 25–35-year olds, in the initial stages of their relationship with the firm.

Our approach to their rebrand was focused on bridging the gap between the past and present. All elements were consciously curated to celebrate the renowned history of McKelvey while simultaneously celebrating the exciting future of Miller. Modest, yet quirky, our design decisions were a subtle nod to the past, with a sense of youthfulness and upholding of confidence.

Ultimately, the McKelvey Miller Law rebrand was a strategic balance between capturing the essence of what has always been and making way for new opportunities and relationships.

MML Palette01

20+ year loyalty, cultivated by a personalised, human-to-human approach to law.

A key insight during our research was the remarkable loyalty of the McKelvey Miller Law client base, relationships spanning across 20+ years, cultivated by a personalised, human-to-human approach to law.

Despite the firm moving in a new direction and having its eyes on a new target audience, it was important to us to pay respect to the long-term loyalty of those existing relationships, while also building something vibrant to connect with a new era of clientele.

project MML portfolioshoot

The solution

An icon crafted for its symbolic connection to both the McKelvey and Miller names; the iconography is centred over two-directional halves – one looking to the past, and one to the future – a celebration of the journey that led them here, and all that awaits in their exciting new chapter. 

Fine line detailing through the icon is representative of the experience and expertise that McKelvey Miller Law is proudly known for, with an added directional aspect that speaks to their determination and enterprising drive towards delivering the best possible outcomes. 

Graphical elements used to distinguish the Property + Conveyancing pillar of the firm, were inspired by topographical maps and fingerprints, representative of personal property ownership. Complemented by a brand palette that offers warm earthly tones of nature and a link to the calming deep sea — a versatile combination of colourways evoke a balance of both professionalism and maturity, as well as youthfulness and energy. 

Each detail was carefully considered for the way it eloquently connects to the heart of McKelvey Miller Law’s values and how their support improves the quality of their clients’ lives when navigating legal matters and milestones in their worlds.

Our creative output was drawn from a desire to combine timeless sophistication, with modern, inviting deliverables. 

McKelvey Miller Law lead with a people-first approach, ensuring their clients are free from the unknowns, confident in their team, and walked through the legal process with as much ease and flow as possible.

It was paramount that their new branding reflects this sense of leadership, confidence, and the peace of mind they want their clientele to feel in all their dealings with the firm.

project MML portfolioshoot businesscards
project MML letter Edited Background 20230125
project MML invoice Edited Background 20230125
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The results

Inspired by the Founder’s youthful spirit and long-standing leadership in the legal industry, their fresh and elevated visual presence was created to signify the beginning of a new direction — encompassing their remarkable history while paving the way for growth and innovation.

It was our overarching aim to broaden McKelvey Miller Law’s reach and leave them with a full-circle outcome that would allow them to reach new levels of exposure across their diverse yet specific audience. 

McKelvey Miller Law believes that everyone deserves high-quality legal services delivered with care, integrity, and a people-first approach – their new identity allows them to cultivate that calming, trustworthy nature (with some good ol’ McKelvey Miller quirk) right from the very first touchpoint with their business.

Kathleen and her team recently took our firm on a brand journey. I say journey because that is exactly what it was! From helping me as a new business owner to identify exactly what my business values are, designing a logo that is both modern and fresh whilst still paying homage to our founding firm’s 30-year history to designing and overseeing the installation of our new office signage and window tinting and, in the process, completely transforming the entire look and feel of our office, By Ninja delivered it all. Kathleen’s attention to detail, dedication to her clients’ satisfaction and overall management of the rebrand process is second to none. We could not be happier with the results of our rebrand and we regularly receive compliments from clients and colleagues about how wonderful our new brand elements are. By Ninja has helped us transform our brand from the inside out and given us the confidence to explore new service offerings and client markets which we previously considered outside of our brand capabilities. 

— Sarah Miller, Legal Practice Director at McKelvey Miller Law

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