2021 Christmas gift guide, By Ninja

Spreading a little cheer as we wrap up the year

2021 Christmas gift guide, By Ninja

Spreading a little cheer as we wrap up the year

We hear a little jingle coming. Yes, it’s that time of year when you’ve got to get organised or risk doing the Christmas eve dash. Dodging trolleys, huffing and puffing in a mask, watching that one present you’d spent hours researching get snapped up by a nimble granny – hard pass. So we decided to fly-kick allll that stress outta here and share some gift ideas with you.

Ready to make this Christmas extra jolly for the people you care about (and spread the cheer to our favourite brands)? Let’s go!

Show them self-care is where it’s at

We all need a little extra motivation to look after ourselves thanks to the crazy ride of 2021. And nothing says you matter to me more than giving your loved ones a luxurious self-care product. So we’ve rounded up our must-have brands for hair, skin and body care.


Blog45 Skincare01 Bescher

Eco-friendly brand Bescher uses the strength of sea cucumber collagen to provide extraordinary bio-active reviving products for tired skin. Our oceans are magical places and home of the humble sea cucumber, a collagen-rich little fella found on the seabed. Did you know collagen makes up around 80% of your skin? (Neither did we!) Plus it kinda starts degrading as you age (can we stay 20 forever please?). We think their Sea Cucumber Collagen Regeneration Serum is worth snagging for your bestie.

We’re teaming up with Bescher to create some superb new packaging, set to release next year. So watch this space!

Bescher Regeneration Serum

Blog45 Skincare02 LUXE

We all love an elegant combo (did someone say Champagne and vegan caviar?) And the Luxe Botanics Discovery Kits take lavish gift-giving to the next level. As beauty activists, all of their products are sustainably and ethically sourced, plus they contain transformational botanicals. With kits containing everything to cleanse, tone, moisturise and nourish your skin, what more could you want?

We’ve collaborated with LUXE on just about everything. See if you can spot the By Ninja effect!

LUXE Discovery Kits


Summer is the season for unleashed hair and many of us are sporting a little extra length thanks to lockdowns. So Christmas is the perfect time to help that special someone make their locks healthy, wild and free!

Blog45 Skincare03 CB

Nature’s full of inspiration…sunset’s reminding us to stop and breathe, rain telling us it’s okay to stay in bed some days and cute puppies making us go awww. So it only makes sense that Captain Blankenship’s nature-inspired haircare products are the ultimate gift for the tress-loving folk in your life. Whether they want sparkling, beachy waves or a natural dry shampoo, these organic and ethical products suit every hair type.

We’re collaborating with Captain Blankenship on a full rebrand, launching next year! Keep your eyes on them to see a total brand transformation.

Captain Blankenship haircare

Blog45 Haircare02 Wilde

Australia is magnificent. Stunning beaches, decent weather and friendly folk. But it’s also kinda harsh on our hair. Luckily, Wilde by Oscar’s haircare range is protective, moisture-restoring and best of all – Aussie made! Using native botanicals and sustainable sourcing, they’re an excellent choice for any hair conscious person.

We designed all the packaging for Wilde along with establishing their brand story and messaging. Now we’re working together again, mapping out and extending the range. Exciting times ahead!

WILDE Haircare

Body care

Thoughts of skincare are often reserved for our faces. But we think the skin on your body deserves some attention too. Stepping out with smooth, soft and glowing skin (all over) is an instant confidence booster.

Blog45 Bodycare01 ME

MESSIAH and EVE’s skincare range is crafted with a positive impact in mind. Their products whisper luxurious treat while being good for your skin, our communities and the planet. The combination of premium ingredients, sophisticated fragrances and care for the world is everything we want from a brand.

Newly launched, MESSIAH and EVE collaborated with us to finalise their packaging labels, establish their brand architecture and design their palette. We think it’s pretty darn fabulous, don’t you?

MESSIAH and EVE Body care

Blog45 Bodycare02 DIE

Getting some vitamin D has never felt better than when you’re covered in Desert Island Essentials skincare. Seriously, who doesn’t want to pretend they’re relaxing in a tropical oasis while moisturising? Like all our favourite brands, they’re a catalyst for industry change, dedicated to using sustainable and ethical practices.

Launched earlier this year, we teamed up with Desert Island Essentials to design their brand identity and eco packaging experience. Including sourcing a super eco alternative to absorbent material — an environmentally friendly, fully compostable and biodegradable Natural Florist Foam made from basalt and sucrose. Pretty cool!

Desert Island Essentials body oil

Living it up any way they like

We know everyone likes to do life differently. Some of us want to dine and laze our way through Summer, for others it’s a time to get out there and move. Either way, you’ll have something for all of the folks you cherish, thanks to these brands.

Home & travel

Blog45 Home01 DaisyGraze02

Looking after our world goes beyond what we put on our skin and hair. It’s also about re-thinking the items we use every day and choosing eco-friendly options. That’s why we’re huge fans of Daisy Graze’s ocean-friendly, eco-conscious and high-quality dinnerware! Easy to transport but also pretty enough to use at home, they’re ideal for the travel bunny on your list.

We're currently collaborating with Daisy Graze on establishing their tone of voice and creative gift box packaging designs for their plant-based grazing range. Launching early 2022, get your pre-orders in now and be the first to snap them up!

Daisy Graze Grazing sets


Blog45 Health01 ElBarrio

Getting fit is hard enough without having to figure out which gym to hit. A membership to El Barrio Boxing and Fitness is the perfect solution and a caring way to support your loved one’s goals. From personal training to competition boxing, they’ve got it all. Oh, and did we mention no lock-in contracts, like ever? Yep, it’s a gym you’d find Ninjas in.

We teamed up with El Barrio Boxing and Fitness to create their brand name and brand identity. We think the result is a total knockout!

El Barrio Memberships


Blog45 Food01 Laffos02

For the takeaway fan, you can’t look past Laffos in Mackay. Giving a voucher to this original pizzeria and restaurant is as easy as opening a box of pizza (see what we did there?). Homemade chutneys and sauces, pizzas named after the owner’s family and children, Aussie hospitality, it’ll make a night out one to remember.

We collaborated with Laffos to design some schmiko new menus which we think look delectable, and are locally produced.

Visit Laffos

Blog45 Food02 Umu

Tongan culture meets science in the unique Tarragindi café, Umu Kitchen. Savouring the moment in this welcoming space, complete with delicious meals is a gift worth giving. They also make incredible customised cakes — the perfect treat for the foodie in your life.

We teamed up with Umu to design their brand identity including their drool-worthy menus and logo.

Visit Umu Kitchen

All you’ve got to do now is place those orders, organise some recycled wrapping paper and tell your friends and family you’ve upped the stakes in gift-giving this year.

That’s a wrap! (Sorry we couldn’t resist.)

Happy gifting.

Image credits, in order of appearance: Bescher, By Ninja, Captain Blankenship, By Ninja, MESSIAH and EVE, By Ninja, Daisy Graze, El Barrio Boxing and Fitness, Alyce Holzy Photography, By Ninja.

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