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Like most great innovations, RE-DOX Skin Lab was established from a problem. A problem that the brother-sister duo, Belal and Zena, joined forces to address. Belal has a PhD in biomedical sciences and a background in medical research, while Zena is experienced in marketing and enterprise development, making them a formidable team. Despite diligently selecting products for her skincare routine, Zena was continuously let down by products that she believed to be overpromising and underdelivering.

Sparked by curiosity and the prospect of a challenge, Belal established a formulation using his own independent research – with science at the forefront. Surprising himself and Zena with its effectiveness, a year later, this passion project evolved. Combining the power of science and the vehicle of business – RE-DOX Skin Lab was officially born and ready to share its science-backed skincare solutions at scale.

Our role in RE-DOX’s start-up journey was to create and implement its brand strategy, birth its visual identity, develop messaging and bring it all together through the architecture of its packaging. Ultimately, leveraging them to bring real-life results to their target market: educated, health-conscious people who care about their appearance – mindful investors who spend money on premium quality, ethical solutions. 

Our favourite part: Zena and Belal were steadfast in doing things differently. (Music to our Ninja ears.)

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Our approach

When it comes to a brand identity and our concept development process, our starting point is always the same: asking questions that enable us to discover why a business exists, what they stand for, who they want to reach and how they plan to make their desired impact.

RE-DOX Skin Lab aspired to be a contender to other brands — they set out to establish themselves with a superlative range that does what it says – powerful, yet uncomplicated. 

A big component of their mission was to empower their consumers – not only through the products they sell – but through the education, resources and information they provide so that their customers can make informed decisions about their skin. This mission was personal for them. They had walked in their consumer's shoes and they had a clear vision of the gap in the marketplace that they wanted to bridge.

With By Ninja HQ based in Meanjin (Brisbane) and RE-DOX Skin Lab in Warrane (Sydney), we  explored their brand personality, goals, objectives and consumer groups through a virtual discovery session. This was a collaborative and comprehensive deep dive  into the who, what, where, when and why of Belal and Zena’s journey so far, and what they envisioned for the future. The session included a brand personality exercise that aimed to explore RE-DOX Skin Lab’s brand heart and defining characteristics – later lighting the way for the foundations of the brand – from tone of voice and messaging pillars to the visual components of our work.

A key insight in our research is that consumers don’t necessarily need more, they need what works

RE-DOX Skin Lab wanted to be honest, clear and informative in everything they do. By accurately educating their consumers with scientific research and digestible information, they can identify for themselves what they need, opting for better solutions instead of more solutions, and feeling confident in their skincare choices.

The solution

The RE-DOX brand confidently celebrates a scientific, yet mature approach with minimalist instincts. This philosophical belief is mirrored in each of the brand elements that identify them. 

Its honest and objective nature led our strategic rigour and creative output. Our approach was very much the same as Belal and Zena’s approach to their formulations — we were guided by what we learned during our own independent research of their ideal consumers. These discoveries took precedence and shaped the course of our direction. Staying true to their value of “less is more”, we kept both visual aspects and voice simple yet impactful – honest to who RE-DOX are.

The icon encapsulates this sentiment perfectly — taking form as a circle inspired by the redox reaction, lined with minute details that represent skin itself. The wordmark is minimalist yet dynamic and adaptable – taking form in various directions and shapes, and capable of responding to its environment. Science continued to inspire us throughout, with a colour palette that represents the scientific essence of the brand, and a voice that asserted its expertise, showcased maturity and encouraged trust.  

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The results

RE-DOX Skin Lab launched successfully with three signature products – synonymous with their concise, effective formulations, and so too is their brand identity.  

RE-DOX has a no-nonsense approach to everything they do. No fluff. No gimmicks. No manipulation. Just facts. The heart of their brand is centred around their desire to help, revolutionise their industry and deliver results backed by science – we were proud to ensure that their world-facing identity reflected this. 

The final deliverables are a testament to the brand's ability to be both direct and warm, empowering and informative, and, most importantly, always sincere.

Since their launch, RE-DOX has continued to evolve, educate and empower their consumers through their evergrowing platforms – just as they set out to.

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I am pleased to provide my review of Kathleen and her team at By Ninja for the exceptional work they have done for Re-Dox Skin Lab over the past 18 months. Kathleen's eye for detail and problem-solving skills have been invaluable. She has a keen ability to identify potential issues before they arise and develop solutions that work for your business.

Kathleen's has an amazing ability to understand your needs and vision for your brand and translate that into designs that exceed your expectations.

Overall, it has been a pleasure working with Kathleen and her team at By Ninja. Their commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills have been invaluable.

— Zena Chami, Cofounder, RE-DOX Skin Lab

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